Bracelet Codylife Sport


High quality bracelet made of nylon with velcro, to fully adapt to the wrist.

Includes stainless plate with QR laser engraving.

The user himself enters the data in a simple way, following the instructions on the wristband.

Available in various colors and sizes.

Product with CE, ROHS and SGS certificates. It does not harm the environment or the body.

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The bracelets with QR code are ideal to introduce quickly and easily any type of information about the contacts in case of emergency, medical conditions, etc.

In any activity you do, always take it with you to be identified at all times.

Given the wide spread of QR codes and the widespread deployment of smartphones, the bracelets do not have visible data on the wristband (for example, the telephone). In this way the privacy of the users is preserved and the information will only be displayed in case of real need. However, there is the option of receiving the bracelet with the visible telephone field, if you wish, you must indicate it in the comments of the order at the time of formalizing the payment.

About the sizes

Size XS is for wrist contours up to 15.5 centimeters, it is special for very small wrists. (Only available in blue).

Size S corresponds to a wrist contour of up to 16.5 cm.

The size M is for a wrist contour of 16.5 cm. up to 20 cm

The size L is for a wrist contour for more than 21 cm.

For the bracelet to fit perfectly, it is essential to choose the size correctly, according to the wrist perimeter.

How to measure your wrist

You can calculate the contour of the wrist using a flexible tape measure (which is not elastic).

If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a ruler and a rope. To do this, take the rope and wrap it around the wrist; Mark the perimeter and then measure the distance with the ruler.

Additional information


Black, Blue, purple, Red


L, M, S, XS


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