Bracelet Codylife Nature


Very resistant cork bracelet with QR code.

Elegant and simple, width 18 mm. With security lock.

Codylife wristbands are a great safety element that allows us to add the information we want to have available in case of emergency (contacts, medical conditions, etc).

QR code engraved in laser for greater duration and medical symbol in red color for better identification of its functionality.

The user is the one who enters the data, scanning the QR code and following the instructions on the wristband.



Codylife is the most complete personal security system on the market, with access to all relevant data that we want to share in case of emergency or need.

The Nature bracelet gives a touch of elegance and distinction. Made of natural material, it is the perfect complement to wear every day.


Lightweight, resistant and waterproof

Size: 220mm (length) x 18mm (width).


Hypoallergenic stainless steel.

QR code laser engraved for longer duration.

Space to write a contact phone.

Size: 30mm (length) x 20mm (width).


Safety lock made of stainless steel.

Size: 40mm (length) x 13mm (width).


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